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CUSTOM BUILT TIKI HUTS AND TIKI BARS -  Call us for a custom quote

                                             1-800-984-5448 813-926-9606     Contact us
Permanent tiki huts      Portable Tiki Bars    Rethatching     Photo Gallery 
You can see many more tiki huts  and tiki bars by viewing the 

 Tiki Hut  Slide Show
16' round gazebo style tiki hut with a freestanding custom built tiki bar
shown is a 16' round gazebo style tiki hut with a freestanding custom built bar

No need to keep replacing those filmsy
umbrellas, or canvas gazebos
Suncoast Tiki Huts can build your tiki hut Gazebo style, outdoor living room , outdoor kitchen, Unbrella , or concession style.
 Our Traditional
Palm Thatch Tiki Huts and Tiki bars  can withstand severe weather, wind , rain  and even snow.

Wind can flow directly through the thatch roof , unlike a traditional roof.
That is why you see tiki huts go through hurricanes with virtualy no damage. 
The heat can also escape this type of natural roof making it most comfortable to sit under on a hot sunny day.

  •  Palm thatching is very durable lasting approx  6  years before replacment, typical Umbrellas , or canvas structures last approx. 3 years at  best.
  • Our heavy duty round pole construction framing is built to last .
  • Ground poles are 6" - 12" in Diameter depending on the size of the tiki hut.
  • All of the framing is large diameter heavy duty for commercial , or residental uses.
  •  All materials are of the highest grade. The leaves we use as thatching are fresh cut from the deep woods.This is where you get the highest quality thatch.
  • The leaves are folded and strategically nailed on the hut so that the hut will not leak any water. 
  • 300 leaves  to as many as  10,000 are used.

 This gives the consumer a  Tiki that will last for many many years of enjoyment. 
a custom built tiki hut will be there as long as you want it there. 
We can build them for restaurants , bars, hot tubs, tennis courts, swimming pools, docks, decks, etc.
Residential  , or commercial applications

TIKI HUT KITS  for our nationwide customers.

Suncoast Tiki Huts – Tiki Hut Kits

Round, Square, or Rectangle it’s your choice

The Tiki Hut Kit is a very heavy duty, pressure treated round pole construction, and framing is lifetime.
The tiki hut kit comes with real palm thatching which is the most durable for withstanding weather.
 It is leak proof so you can install ceiling fans, TV’s etc. It will do well in the snow, wind rain and other weathers.

The tiki hut would come to you as a kit that would have to be reconstructed.                                           

We construct it here, label it with our labeling system, take it apart, package it and ship to you to reconstruct.
This tiki hut kit comes with all of the hardware, detailed step by step instructions, diagrams,
and pictures of your actual tiki hut frame to make it easier to understand.
There is a video for thatching the tiki hut.

Synthetic Faux Thatch Tiki Hut Kits

Becoming more popular are synthetic thatch roofs which last for 20+ years.
Suncoast Tiki Huts can construct a tiki hut kit using synthetic materials also ,
which we are happy to do for our customers.
The technology is there to give us these options , but there is still nothing like a real palm thatch tiki hut .

Pricing starting at $36.00 a sq. ft.
Please contact us for details.

Permanent Tiki Huts  or Portable Tiki Bars can be built round, square, rectangular , Triangular etc.  we can even customize shapes to fit into odd spaces.
With single roofs , or Double roofs , Tahitian Style Tiki Huts ,or  Traditional Chickee Huts .
 If you have a design idea , we are here to help plan it . 
Tiki huts give an area a Casual Tropical feel , like being on vacation without ever having to leave your yard.

 We also can  rethatch our customers  existing Tiki Huts, and tiki bars.
 Check out our references.

commercial tiki bar restaurant

                                                                        commercial tiki bar

single pole umbrella style tiki hut
10ft.  single pole tiki hut with table

 Call  anytime for a custom quote
Suncoast Tiki Huts  -  Odessa  Florida