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How can I have a custom built  tiki hut out of the state of Florida?

Yes! There are many options - call Suncoast Tiki Huts for information 1-800-984-5448

What size and style tiki hut is best for me?

First decide what your tiki hut is going to be used for, is it going to have a bar , hot tub, table and chairs , hammocks etc.
Rectangular huts are good for dual purposes , like a bar at one end , with a table at the other.
Round and square are popular styles for table and chairs , or hot tubs.
Custom shapes are designed to fit into unusual areas, or tight spaces.

Measure area that you want to cover, then you should be able to decide whether it should be round or rectangle, also whether it should be permanent or portable,
also what you will be using it for. If you would like counter space or shade for a chaise lounge etc..

This should give you an idea of the size and shape requirements that you will need. We can custom size for odd areas.
Please call us with difficult situations we have built thousands of tiki huts and we usually can give you some advice.

Will my new tiki hut hold up to the high winds or extreme weather of my area?

Tiki Huts hold up to high winds better than a regular roof , making it an ideal roof cover, the thatch is placed in layers , in extreme winds the wind will blow through the thatching slightly lifting , then laying back down.
Suncoast never recommends putting a subroof under thatching , this creates a barrier for wind , and moisture, decreasing the life expectancy of yout thatch.

How long before I need to replace the thatch roof on my hut?

Depending on many things including weather, sun, wind, etc, most of our thatches lasts 4-7 years outdoors, indefinitely indoors.

Thatch is a natural product and it will breakdown over time. The thatch is simply removed off of the top of the hut and it will be ready for your order of new thatch.


We have a variety of tiki huts with different kinds of thatch that will last up to 7 years or longer even in snowy climates.
We also carry many synthetic thatches that have a 20 year warranty for any climate. Lasting beyond the 20 years.

How are tiki huts different than umbrellas?

Tiki huts are made to withstand the high winds and weather that umbrellas just can't handle wind flows through the thatch , unlike a traditional roof They also have a higher r-value than even a shade tree so they are typically 5-10 degrees cooler. There's no need to keep replacing those flimsy umbrellas year after year. When you forget to roll them down.

What type of thatch do I need?

Most of the thatches are made to withstand all weather conditions.

Mexican Rain Cape thatch is the exception. It is a loose weave sheet that is not waterproof, light shows through it , and it deteriorates fast, approx 18 months in wetter climates.
Suncoast tiki huts recommends mexican rain cape thatch for indoor use -lasts  indefinitely  or an inexpensive way to cover a market umbrella knowing it is a short term cover.