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Lighted Palm Trees

Lighted color palm trees

Stunning Lighted palm Trees give a noticeable bright fun atmosphere indoors or outdoors
Every Leaf  and trunk gives off a bright glow . Draw attention to your business , or give a party atmosphere to your tropical backyard
many sizes to make sure you can use one or several colors and sizes together .
  • Commercial quality
  • comes in sizes from 8ft to 20ft
  • many colors to choose from
  • use commercial or residential
  • indoors or outdoors
Sncoast Tiki huts has lighted palm trees that can suit any situation , even for temproary uses like trade shows .
Use in Salons, bars, outdoor special events, poolside, or garden .
Lighted palm trees will make everyone notice that fun place where everyone wants to be.
Please call us for up to date availability 800-984-5448

NEW! to the Suncoast Tiki Huts  scene are these acrylic bead very high end stylish lighted LED palm trees
comes in White , and LED color changing. Please call for availability 800-984-5448

bright white LED lighted acrylic palm tree

Cool White LED Lighted Acrylic Beaded palm tree 8 ft

SL150260- 8' Acrylic Lighted LED palm Tree 
8 palm Fronds
3048 5mm Cool White LED Lights
Round Metal Base

SL-150270 - 8' Colored LED Lighted palm Tree
8 Ppalm Fronds
9144 3mm Multi-Colored Changing LED lights
Clear, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, Green

lighted palm tree colors Lighted palm tree colors blue Lighted palm tree colors green acryic palm tree colors purple

4 ft lighted acrylic LED Palm Tree

NEW! Here is a stunning 4 ft tall straight acrylic lighted LED Tree it also comes in Cool White , and color changing LED lights

SL-150280 - Cool White Lights  $1281
4'  total height Acrylic palm Tree
3.5' Effective Height if Branches are shaped down
9 palm fronds
900 5mm Cool white LED lights
Round metal base

SL-150290 -  Multi colored  $2028
4' total height Acrylic palm tree
3.5' Effective height if  branches shaped down
9 palm fronds
2700 3mm multi- colored changing LED lights
Clear, Blue, Red, Gold, Purple, Green
Round metal base


Please call for availability 800-984-5448

ommercial quality Lighted coconut palm  has a strong steel base with wrapped lights around trunk and throughout branches
110 V
comes with mounting bracket
Sizes range from 8' - 24'  
perfect for commercial or residential use
Please call Suncoast Tiki Huts for sizes and availability 800-984-5448

Blue lighted palm tree orange lighted palm tree green lighted palm tree

red lighted palm tree yellow lighted palm tree purple lighted palm tree

12.5 ft Bright White or Green tapered synthetic  trunk LED Palm Tree with Coconuts

white led palm tree green tapered led tree

SL-145020 - White LED  lights with Green Coconuts  $2845
SL-145025 - Green LED Lights with Green Coconuts  $2845
12.5 ft
synthetic lit trunk
12 lighted fronds
2704 lights
base plate
Call for availability 800-984-5448

12.5 ft LED Palm Tree with Brown synthetic Trunk

green led pam tree with brown synthetic trunk night view green led tree with brown trunk

SL-145010 - 12.5 ft Lighted palm tree with coconuts $2925
dark brown trunk- does not light
2304 green LED lights
12 fronds
Steel Base