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Home / Lighted Palm Trees

Lighted Palm Trees

led artificial  The Lighted Palm Tree

Please contact us 1-800-984-5448 or 813-926-9606 with any questions or to order

The new and improve Coconut Palm Tree with increased light output, more energy efficient. Every leaf is filled with light that chases through the branches. Of course the coconuts and trunk have a improved glow. Like all of our products, they are designed to be safe for both indoor and outdoor applications. While originally designed as permanent structures, they are easily adapted for temporary use at trade shows and special events.

 When the sun goes down the party begins, as guests enjoy the atmosphere of a tropical island resort. Every leaf is filled with light . Of course the coconuts and trunk have a pleasing glow as well.
Please call for sizes and colors available 1-800-984-5448