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Synthetic thatch roof materials have come a long way in replicating the look of natural thatches over the past 10 years. Making artificial thatches a popular alternative to have an exotic look to your property without the maintenance of natural thatches.

Suncoast Tiki Huts offers the most brands and style of artificial synthetic thatches available today for your open frame hut, existing tiki hut or tiki umbrella.  Also can be used on a prepared substrate roof or your shingled building.

We offer more than 20 varieties and styles to choose from, so you can have the look of a beach in Cancun Mexico, a charming Old English cottage to the plains of the Serengeti Africa.



Palmex Synthetic Thatch - This thatch is a fringed layered palm leaf style thatch offering the look of the Florida Keys, Caribbean, Mexico, to the Hawaiian beaches. I can be trimmed for a clean edge look if that is what you prefer. Can be used on an open frame roof or a prepared roof. This thatch when put on as instructed makes your wood open framed tiki hut waterproof. It comes with a 20 year warranty against fading and cracking. There is a fire rated varsion available. This synthetic thatch roof material is easy to use for the DIY entrepreneur.

Viro Synthetic Thatch - Viro synthetic thatch has many differnt options available. Come in either a palm leaf style thatch or an African Cape Reed Thatch. You can choose regular or class A fire rated. And also offered as a panel of open framed tiki roof or with clips for a steel framed tiki umbrella. Prelayered versions also available for your prepared subroof or shingled roof.

Mexican Rain Cape Synthetic Umbrella Cape - 12ft diameter round umbrella style thatched woven, prelayered palm thatch look. This thatch is not waterproof, purely asthetic. Indoor or outdoor use. 5 year warranty lasting up to 10 years or more. Easy to use.

The Mexican rain cape umbrella cape fits the manufactured outdoor kitchens being sold on the market today. It will fit an 11'-12' steel frame tiki umbrella. Or you can put it on your own DIY framing. 9' versions available for special order.

Endureed Synthetic Thatch - Available in many different styles. African capetown reed thatch. African Kilimanjaro cane reed , Japanese faux grass, Somerset Old English cottage thatching, Kona Hawaiian faux Pili grass, Bali Asian ling grass and Dominica Palm leaf Caribbean - Florida - Mexican style thatch.

All of the brands we offer are:
* Realistic comparison to the natural version, the new thatch look or weathered look available, multi colored, multi textured.
* Eco friendly, recyclable and some are partially made with recycled materials
* Economically cost effective in the long run. Initial cost is higher, but some of the thatches will last 20 to 50 years.
* Most come with a 20 year warranty against fading and cracking, lasting color
* Highly wind resistant
* Class "A" fire rated thatch available on all of the brands
* High quality, commercial grade

There are synthetic artificial thatch roofing materials for new construction custom built tiki huts, tiki bars, converting existing building, DIY framing and for replacement thatch on your existing tiki huts with some modification. Our synthetic faux African thatch panels are a great replacement for the natural thatch reed panels and top cones.

If you would like more information for a specific style of the synthetic thatches please click on the specific catagory provided. There you can get more detailed information, FAQ, dimensions and ideas.

Viro synthetic palm thatch close up  synthetic thatch viro palm umbrella  Viro palm thatch underneath
Viro Synthetic thatch - Palm Panels
viro synthetic reed thatch umbrella   synthetic reed thatch panel
Viro Synthetic Thatch - Reed Panels

Endureed synthetic palm dominica thatch      

   Dominica Palm Thatch                      Bali StyleThatch
Synthetic thatch Endureed kona      Capetown Synthetic thatch
        Kona Style Thatch              Capetown Synthetic Thatch

Somerset synthetic thatch         Kilimanjaro synthetic thatch

Somerset European Style Thatch      Kilimanjaro African style Thatch

mexican     rain cape synthetic     
Mexican Rain Cape synthetic      Underside mexican synthetic cape

  Large quantities , and Wholesale Pricing available call for pricing 1-800-984-5448