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Thatch Umbrellas

                                 Contact Us      800-984-5448

   thatch reed umbrellas on a beach
 custom built single pole umbrella w table                       Natural African reed thatch umb


Is the shade under your canvas umbrella unbearably hot? You've seen them on the beach and at resorts, now put one by your pool. Thatch  Umbrellas are a great way to stay cooler and make your home look like a tropical paradise. Thatch Umbrellas are virtually  maintenance free.
Once installed, they never have to be taken down or cleaned, like regular market umbrellas. Wind flows through the thatch umbrella tiki hut causing no wind lift like market umbrellas that have to be replaced every year or two.



Suncoast Tiki Huts offers several different types of Thatch tiki umbrellas  our Natural sabal palm thatch being the most popular umbrella kit with lifetime framing and leak free thatch.
Synthetic thatches are also available for our lifetime custom built  framing.

  • Very durable
  • Residential and commercial uses
  • custom built framing , and manufactured framing available
  • custom built heavy duty  tables available for the wood frame tiki Umbrellas
  • Many thatches to choose from natural , and synthetic

Features of the Custom Built Tiki Umbrellas:
  • Custom built to your specifications
  • Residential or commerecial uses
  • cooler than canvas umbrellas
  • Heavy duty round pressure treated pole framing lifetime usage
  • Sabal palm leaf thatching , leakproof when installed
  • can be constructed for synthetic thatches
  • extreme weather resistant, wind , snow ,rain
  • custom built tables available
Installation :
  • Each piece is numbered  step by step instructions included.
  • Thatching video is available to finish project.

Features of the manufactured Tiki Umbrellas:

  • residential , or commercial uses
  • cooler that canvas , air escapes through thatch , making is wind resistant
  • Very durable construction
  • easy to install
  • umbrella framing galvanized steel for clip on reed thatch
  • supplied with a steel pole , or wood lodge pole

  • Easy to install- less than 2 hours- no special tools required
  • Direct burial method for the wood lodge pole when possible
  • Dig a 24" deep hole, bury , and then fill with 2 bags of cement
  • Bolt frame pieces together
  • clip on thatch reed panels
    single pole thatch reed umbrella kit shown with table

    Natural reed thatch manufactured  umbrella with steel pole

        (table not included)

                                                      Tahiti Thatch Tiki Umbrella Kit


 Collapsable natural thatch umbrella   Synthetic reed thatch umbrella kit   

Please call Suncoast Tiki Huts with any questions you may have, or for ordering.
Installation available in most parts of Florida
Call us 800-984-5448