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Home / Thatching for DIY build your own Tiki Huts and Tiki Bars

Thatching for DIY build your own Tiki Huts and Tiki Bars


Synthetic Thatching for DIY build your own Tiki Huts and Tiki Bars

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 Suncoast Tiki Huts sells thatching for every type of use. DIY build your own  tiki hut , chickee hut or tiki bar projects , decorations for  a luau party , commercial roofing for tropical themed building.
Indoors , or outdoors thatches. some of our thatches will last 20+ years warrantied against fading and rot.  Shipped nationwide

Synthetic Thatch  

Synthetic Palm thatch           Synthetic Faux Palm Thatch         Synthetic Faux Reed Thatch

Synthetic thatch has Great use for any roofing structure., any type of building , gazebo , shed , etc.. Almost any type of synthetic thatch , or faux thatch is now available for your project.
 Will not break down like natural thatch. 20 year limited warrenty. Made from a high grade PVC compound, designed to resist color fading, rot, mildew and UV weather damage. Exceptionally fire/flame resistant. Simulated thatch has excellent wind uplift resistance and can be used on housing structures.

Some of the faux synthetic thatches available now are :
Viro thatch- available in a Palm style thatch , and an African reed thatch
Art Thatch - available in a Palm style thatch , and a reed style thatch
Endureed Thatches - available in an  african Cape Reed  style thatch  , African Kilimanjaro cane reed thatch, japanese style faux grass thatch , Somerset old english cottage style thatch , Kona Hawaiian Pili grass thatch , Bali asian long grass , and Dominica Palm Leaf thatch
Natureed - Palm style Thatch
Palmex - Palm style Thatch



   Large quantities , and Wholesale Pricing available call for pricing 1-800-984-5448