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Tiki Bar Rentals  For  the Tampa Bay Florida  Area!

Call Suncoast Tiki Huts 813-926-9606  for information on Renting  a palm
thatched  tiki bar for a weekend party , wedding  , corporate convention
or any themed event.
Several available for larger events.
We even have smaller size bamboo Bars  without roofs for patios ,indoors, 
or enclosed areas.

Please see the descriptions below for our most popular sizes and pricing

bamboo and thatch tiki bar for rental in Tampa Bay area 
bamboo tiki bar with palm thatch roof

bamboo tiki bar for rental tampa bay  This  six foot long Bamboo and palm
thatch tiki bar is a great addition to any party. It is very easy to assemble and
disassemble, this tiki bar comes in four pieces  ,the bamboo shelving inside is large
enough to accomodate bottles appliances , etc.

Suncoast Tiki Huts offers anyone who rents this tiki bar the option of putting
the rentaltoward the purchase if you find that you would like to keep this unit
permanently for ongoing entertaining.
A weekend rental is  $200.00 pick up on a Friday , return on a Sunday

large 8ft x 12ft tiki bar concession stand with a palm thatch roof

If you are in need of a very large tiki hut bar  for rental for a show or corporate
event this is for you .
This tiki bar is a concession stand  style tiki bar  that offers a 10' long countertop
x almost 8' deep side counters.The top is tiled with multiple earthy colors ,the
outside of the bar is a rolled bamboo fencing with a chunky Tre-gai bamboo trim
giving it a very tikieffect, and the inside is a bamboo plywood finish so it looks
good inside and out.
It can be used reversed to be used  as a bandstand, and extra floor slides out
from theback if neededgiving this a large floor platform .
This tiki hut concession bar  and only be delivered and picked up by Suncoast
Tiki Huts.
Rental is $800.00 - $1000.00 for a three day event

l shaped small flattened bamboo board tiki bar with no roof insode viewsmall l shaped flattened bamboo board tiki bar with no roof outside view

This L-shaped tiki bar  has no roof it is 6' x 7', and can be used indoors , or outdoors, under a lanail , or tent.
There is double shelving on the inside to store many items.
It is made with a flattened bamboo board to create an exotic tropical atmosphere.
It comes in two pieces that are easily bolted together in a snap.
A weekend rental is  $150.00 pick  up on a friday , and returned on a sunday.

front view very portable tiki bar with reed fencing facing for rental   back view very portable tiki bar with reed fencing facing for rental

  shown inside crate , very portable tiki bar with reed fencing facing for rental  countertop view  ,  very portable tiki bar with reed fencing facing for rental

This very portable tiki hut with coutertop is a wider version  giving the customer six full 
feet  x four feet inside the hut , enough room for two persons inside .
This version has a lightweight mexican rain cape roof. The hut shown fits into a 4x4 box.
The interior is a basic version with two small shelveson each side.
Rental is $250.00 for a three day event pick up at tampa bay location , and returned by

Multiple units can be rented at a time for conventions , shows , golf tournaments large
parties, etc. Advance notice of 4 weeks is needed for this rental.
This unit can be shipped to other areas , ask about pricing.
Pleae call Suncoast Tiki Huts for rental fees 1-800-984-5448