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African Thatch Reed
Tiki Hut Palm Thatch Sale
A-Frame Portable Tiki Bar with Flattened Bamboo Siding
Tiki Bar - palm thatch roof sale item
Tiki Hut concession stand
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African Thatch Reed
African Thatch Reed
  • African Reed Thatch

    Thatch reed panels can be used on existing roofs or on wood or steel frames, such as umbrellas. They require no maintance or cleaning.

    When installed as instructed, African reed thatch is 99% waterproof.  Thatch reed panels will keep your structure 5-10 degrees cooler then other covered structures
    Fire retarding is available, please call for pricing.

    Thatch Reed Panels with Clips - Regularly $30.00         

    Panel dimensions 31 inches x 18 inches x 1.5 inches. 2.5 sq ft per panel.
    Used for thatching tiki huts , umbrella huts, overhangs , awnings. For a tropical look for DIY projects. Fire Retarding available, call for pricing.
    Also available -  High Density Panel 31in x 18in, used for the very top layer of the umbrella before the top cone.  $32.00

    To get the quantity required for your project divide roof surface area by 2.5.
  • Price: $18.00

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Tiki Hut Palm Thatch  Sale
Tiki Hut Palm Thatch Sale
  • Tiki Hut Palm Thatch Sale 25% off Reg. $7.50  now $5.63 per sq ft. coverage Natural palm thatching is the best natural thatch for constructing , or rethatching your tiki hut , or tiki bar. Traditional long lasting thatch doesnt compare to mexican rain cape that lasts 1 year and leaks.
    Sabal Palm leaves are thick natural thatching that is the traditional thatch of Florida. This traditional Tiki Hut palm Thatch is
    the most waterproof , and has a longevity of 5-7 years. nothing can beat natural thatch . It is  the real thing.

    Easy to use , comes with installation video
    This palm thatch does well in all climates even winter ,snow , wind, rain etc.
    Nationwide delivery
    We are very sorry - our cart system is not working at this time , we are working frantically to construct a new website to bring you a better shopping experience.
    please call for ordering , or questions

    or use our contact page Contact Us and let us know what you are interested in.
    Thank you for your patience.

  • Price: $5.63

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A-Frame Portable Tiki Bar with Flattened Bamboo Siding
A-Frame Portable Tiki Bar with Flattened Bamboo Siding
  • A-Frame Portable Tiki Bar Deep reduction for clearance Tampa Bay Florida area only
    The tiki bar is a 5.5 ft. x 6.5ft contertop with an 8x10 roof. This is a one of a kind only 1 made for a trade show . it has flattened bamboo finish inside , and out. Bamboo trim,  pressure treated  flooring , and shelves . It is very heavy duty and with some clean up , and a coat of spar urethame it will be beautiful! couldn't get a full shot because it is in storage  and to many items are in the way .
    This is an as is product .
    please call if  you are interested in this unit  1-800-984-5448

  • Price: $1800.00

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Tiki Bar - palm thatch roof sale item
Tiki Bar - palm thatch roof sale item
  • Portable Tiki Bar kit  - palm thatch roof ,  6.5 ft.x 6.5ft .Roof size, 4' x 4' Base ,  U shaped bar counter.
    Tiki style roof , round wood pole construction  Real Palm thatch construction. This style of tiki bar  can also be built as a kit .
  • Price: $1795.00

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Tiki Hut concession stand
Tiki Hut concession stand
  • 8ft. x 12ft. Tiki Hut Concession stand with a rolled bamboo finish , and a bamboo plywood interior. interior decking , plenty of room for 3 people to sell out of .  Travels on a 16' trailer.if using for events. This is a 1 of a kind , would be great for shows , fairs . Hotels,  pool areas. mini golf.
  • Price: $5000.00

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